Psychologist of Work and Organizations

Who I am

Since 1997, I have been employed as a psychologist of work and organization working as a consultant for Public Administrations and private firms, both in the area of production and service.
My focus of interest is the process of organizational development and their effect on Human Resources.
Areas that I have consultant experience in include; organizational mergers, role change of managers and employees, leadership skills development, communication improvement, and conflict management during organizational change.

Until 2005 I’ve worked as Chief of Research on Training Methodologies in a Regional Agency in Piedmont (Italy). There, I specialised in the areas of training design and organizational research for SMEs.

From 2000 to 2005 I managed Job Placement in the Psychology Department of Turin University, where I improved my skills and knowledge in the process of socialization at work.

In addition to my professional activity as a consultant, from 2000 I started to teach at the University of Turin in areas related to psychology of work and training psychology.
From 2006, I also began teaching “Organizational Wellbeing” at the University of “Sacro Cuore”.

From 2011 I became certified as a EuroPsy Psychologist (European Certificate in Psychology – European Federation of Psychologists’ Association) , which authorizes me to practice in every EU country.